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Water Damage

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Water Damage

Indoor flooding and water leaks are a very serious problem and can lead to many other problems if the issue is not resolved immediately. The longer the water is left, the more damage is done to both the structure of the building and the items within. There are different classifications of water damage, starting with clean water, which does not pose a threat to health, ending with black water, which does.

Water damage is very time sensitive because of the bacteria and fungi that it carries with it and because of the mold growth that can follow if it is not taken care of. These molds and bacteria’s can lead to very serious health problems. We provide a quick response with employees who have experience with water damage and restoration and are trained in the proper methods and procedures for assessing and handling and cleaning the damaged areas and items. Prolonged exposure to water can lead to structural issues such as the warping of wooden items, the weakening of structural support beams, and extensive damages to floors and electronics. All of this can also lead to mold growth.

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